About Us

Kvinno- och tjejjouren in Umeå is a women’s shelter. We are a volunteer based, feminist organization that is run by women, for women, since 1979. We are religiously and politically independent. We listen to you and we know that your experience of violence is real.

Women, girls and children in need of support and protection from men’s and boy’s physical and psychological violence find sanctuary and resources within our organization.

Additionally, women and girls exposed to violence within same sex relationships turn to us for help. In our definition of women, we include transgender women and furthermore, non-binary people are given help from us as well.

What We Offer

  • Counselling over the phone or in person
  • Emergency counselling and support for children who have experienced violence in their homes.
  • Judicial counselling.
  • Protected housing and shelter.
  • Guidance through all contact with authorities, health care professionals and lawyers.

We believe in supporting each woman individually. That is, the help received depends on your specific situation and needs. You can approach us anonymously and we, who work at Kvinno- och tjejjouren in Umeå, will maintain strict confidentiality.

Our employees work office hours but you can also contact us three evenings and speak to our volunteers. All women active in our organization are knowledgeable in a range of issues, including men’s violence against women and women’s rights in general.

Contact Us

Mon-Fri: 8.00-16.00
090 77 97 00
If we are not answering the phone we will contact you in return, if you leave a message with your name and number.
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